Daredevil Is The Netflix Show You Need To Be Watching

Daredevil Is The Netflix Show You Need To Be Watching

Last weekend on Netflix was all about Marvel’s Daredevil. In a time when both TV is both seeing an abundance of quality TV shows and an abundance of comic book oriented shows, it’s not surprising that Daredevil got the reception it did on social media over the weekend.

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Daredevil is coming in with a great advantage as it is on a service that puts the entire season out at once and allows for—and encourages—viewers to binge watch the entire thing in one sitting or over the period of days. Like flagship show House of Cards and all the other content on Netflix, it allows for viewers to enjoy the program without commercial breaks and—given your device—view several episodes in a row without needing to do anything until the third consecutive episode.

So what makes Daredevil great as a show? The approach of the show covering Daredevil from the start of his crime fighting career to when he got his costume is the overarching thing, but there are also plenty of other elements. The filming of the visuals and the use of shadows and specific shots add to the noir feel of the show. The sound effects are on point with a lot of work put into landed blows, breaking bones, and so on.

The fight scenes in Daredevil have some of the best choreographing in any show—especially in comic book shows. What adds to the fight scenes is how raw and intense they are. Since the series in this first season isn’t dealing with super powered characters, everything is hand-to-hand and realistic and really gives the closest similar comic book TV show—Arrow—a run for its money in that department.

It should also be noted that this show has a few good storylines. There’s the main Murdock versus crime in Hell’s Kitchen story that everyone knows as its been told and retold for decades now, two romance angles, the crime underworld’s obvious distrust of each other, connecting the dots of a criminal conspiracy and the look back at Murdock and Fisk’s childhoods. All of this is wrapped in a well done, very gritty bow.

Whether you’re a hardcore comic book fan or a mainstream fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers films), you should really check Daredevil out.

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