Denver Gunman In Critical Condition, Bomb Defused

Denver Gunman In Critical Condition, Bomb Defused

A heated situation started at roughly 10:40 AM in Denver, Colorado as a rifleman was stalking about Denver’s South Irving Street. By the time the Denver Police Department’s bomb squad arrived, they came across the shooter in question wielding a rifle and what appeared to be two propane tanks.

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The situation lasted 30 minutes and ended with the police shooting the gunman who was targeting one of the propane tanks as they advanced. Police Chief Robert White recounted the event saying, “As they were approaching, the suspect fired one shot at a makeshift incendiary device, which was activated.” He went on to say that the man was hit in the chest.

The gunman was rushed to the Denver Health Medical Center in critical condition.

From there, houses were evacuated and the bomb squad moved in to take care of the propane takes were said to be a kind of bomb rigged with gunpowder. Chief White said, “His intent was to harm.”

There were two women were wounded in the situation. One was shot in the leg and found on the front porch of a residence. She was listed as critical. The other was found dead inside. At the moment Police aren’t sure of the relationship among the three if any.

There will be updates to the story as they come in.

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