Dish Network Wants FCC To Block Comcast Acquisition Of Time Warner

Dish Network Wants FCC To Block Comcast Acquisition Of Time Warner

Major satellite company Dish Network is pushing for the Federal Communications Commission to prevent Comcast’s potential purchase of Time Warner Cable.  Dish Network stated that the acquisition should be blocked because it would result in “competitive concerns” as far as broadband and video marketplaces are concerned.

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Dish is also concerned about the chunk of the market Comcast would pick up which would take it from 22 million households to around 30 million.  According to Dish, the union of Comcast and Time Warner Cable would allow for the entities to “exercise its enormous size to leverage programming content in anti-competitive ways.”

The company went on to explain specifically how Comcast and Time Warner would make it difficult for them to compete.  Dish describes the approach as three “chokepoints in the broadband pipe” which they say would  include “the last mile ‘public Internet’ channel to the consumer; the interconnection point; and any managed or specialized service channels, which can act as high-speed lanes and squeeze the capacity of the public Internet portion of the pipe.”

The FCC will have its plate full when it comes to dealing with ISP mergers and the growing concerns from services that use them. Not only will the agency be looking into the deal between Time Warner Cable and Comcast, but there’s also AT&T and wanting to pick up DirecTV and Netflix’s concerns with Verizon and other ISPs affecting the quality of streams.

SOURCE: L.A. Times

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