Disney To Hold Off On Scooping Up Major Entertainment Entities…For The Moment

Disney To Hold Off On Scooping Up Major Entertainment Entities...For The Moment

Disney has a nice amount of popular movies in their franchise roster, but what’s really making news is the franchises and companies they’ve purchased in the last couple of years. As it stands, Disney holds Marvel Entertainment, the Star Wars franchise and Lucasfilm, and Pixar. All of this was under the watchful eye and business savvy of Disney CEO Bob Iger.

There are always some stirrings about what Disney will snap up next. What is out there that is big enough, has a large enough fanbase, and thus can churn out the most money?

In a recent earnings call Bob Igar said they weren’t looking to snag anything else at the moment. “If you’re asking me today as we look ahead at whether there’s a Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel on the horizon, I’d say not likely.”

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Iger’s ability to pick popular franchises and companies has paid off big time for Disney. When he snagged Marvel Entertainment, The Avengers did extremely well in theaters and during this big movie season Iron Man 3 is poised to blast off with $1 billion. Of course Iger’s successes couldn’t be discussed without mentioning that he snagged the holy grail of movie franchises in Star Wars last year.

It’s all extremely impressive for someone to achieve in just a few years in the saddle. When asked about whether Disney could be looking to acquire more franchises and companies in the future, Iger stated, “We just don’t see it. It doesn’t mean one isn’t going to crop up.”

What could be likely is a significant software developer or a music label to round out the media trifecta of music, movies & TV, and gaming. What company or franchise could you see Disney grabbing next?

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