Don Mattrick Becomes CEO of Zynga

Don Mattrick Becomes CEO of Zynga

Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business since 2010, left the company to join Zygna. While with Microsoft, the IEB division was over Xbox and related titles and publishing duties. In May of this year he introduced the world to the Xbox One which led to a good deal of outcry towards certain parts of the system such as DRM, the always on internet requirement, and the borrowing/selling element of the Xbox One.

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In the aftermath of the announcement and the aftermath of E3 2013, Mattrick gave dismissive responses to anything that expressed disapproval of the Xbox One. With the highly favorable response for PS4 compared to Xbox One’s at E3, he wrote that Microsoft would be cutting DRM from the Xbox One.

Rumors of Mattrick leaving for Zygna hit over the weekend before being confirmed. There has been no mention of who will take over Mattrick’s President role in Microsoft’s IEB.

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