DryBox Can Save Your Phone From A Watery Grave

DryBox Can Save Your Phone From A Watery Grave

It’s not a stretch to say that we all have dropped our mobile phones—some more often than others. Smartphones are the most fragile of victims. If it hits the concrete from whatever height or whatever speed your screen is likely to end up scratched or cracked. It’s like how bread tends to fall on the buttered side…not that you’d want to eat the bread once it has fallen anyway, right?

What’s just as bad as your smartphone eating pavement? Your smartphone deciding it needs to take a cool, refreshing swim. Nevermind what you’re doing around any amount of water, body of water, or whatever—there’s no good reason to be leaning over a sink or tub with your phone in your pocket or shirt or waving it around near the pool. If it decides to make a run for it and escape whatever confines you have it in, so be it. However, once it hits that water panic mode sets in.

“What do I do?”

“Oh no, my phone!”

“Get the rice!”

Yes, all of the above—along with a loud Charlie Brown “Auuugh!”  Well add another method to saving your phone from a watery grave. DryBox is a box that…dries you phone. The name sounds a bit straightforward and vague, but the people who came up with the DryBox say that it can dry your phone in 25 minutes using heat, suction, and light. The company also says that 80% of phones pulled from live to tell the tale.

“What of the other 20?” you ask? Well those are just unfortunate and will haunt their previous owners who allowed for them to get too close to water…as they should.

A DryBox representative told Engadget that if the phone is hurried to them with 36 hours, it’s highly likely they can save the phone. What happens after that? You phone is dead. Actually, it was mentioned that chances of survival go down rapidly, but we all know your phone is pretty much dead if you can’t get it to them. No need to make if flowery for you. It was also mentioned that Apple’s iPhone has the highest chances of bouncing back.

You won’t be able to get the DryBox for home use—oh no, that would be too good. Instead the plan is to have DryBoxes at different stores and split the loot with them. The price set up is set by the store and is usually in the $20 to $40 range. Not too bad for smartphone necromancy after you’ve attempted to drown your phone.

“It was an accident!”

Of course it was. In any case, it seems that some Texas-area locations—Austin and San Antonio—have them up and running, so they could spread out even more. It’s definitely a service that will churn a profit if made national. All across the United States people “accidentally” drop their phones into water, milk, juice, pop, alcohol, liquor—you name it, people can and will drop their device in it and chances are that you’ll scratch your head and ask “Why?” and “How?”

It should be noted that this isn’t an invitation to just go crazy with your phones and dive into a pool with it. You should always take care of your device, it’s a moderately priced phone with an expensive plan or an expensive phone…no need to try and see how long it can hold its breath. Besides, the DryBox is only in two Texas cities. If you live in those cities and can find them, then great for you. You’re in luck!

If you don’t live in the area, at least give your phone water wings and the lifesaver.

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