Dutch National Police Testing Out Birds To Capture Drones

Dutch National Police Testing Out Birds To Capture Drones

Around the world many law enforcement agencies are looking at different methods have been taken to grounding drones that fly into unauthorized zones. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police are using drones armed with nets. Dutch police are taking a different strategy by using raptors—predatory birds—to get the job done.

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The Dutch National Police are working with The Hague-based firm Guard From Above which specializes in using birds to “intercept hostile drones.” It was noted that raptors could tackle and take down drones without injury since their talons can endure the propellers.

Keen hunters, the birds have proven a little too effective in tests and have sometimes destroyed the drones. Regardless the drone is neutralized and the aerial predators are given a piece of meat for doing the job.

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Their performance aside, there are still some unknowns to using the birds including how they deal with crowds and their well being while and after hunting drones—both of which will be explored during the test run.

The test is expected to conclude at the end of the year at which time the National Police will decide whether to continue with the bird approach. The police intend to have all bases covered and are looking into other means of engaging drones alongside potentially using raptors.

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