E3 2018: Microsoft Announces Investments in Studios and Exclusives

E3 2018: Microsoft Announces Investments in Studios and Exclusives

While Microsoft sports the most powerful gaming console going in the Xbox One, the console has been hurting in the first party developer department. As a matter of fact, this is an area Xbox was lacking in the last generation. The result was a few acclaimed titles that pale in number to what Sony and Nintendo always had at the ready.

E3 2018: Microsoft Announces A Number of Xbox One Deals for E3 Week

That’s why Microsoft took its E3 press conference time to announce that there 52 games coming to Xbox One. Of those 52, 18 will be exclusives and launch either this year or in 2019.

To repeat: 18 Xbox One exclusives. It’s important to mention since double-digit exclusives aren’t something you’d associate with Xbox. Perhaps this means that we won’t see these games on PC as well but they will be exclusives in the purest sense of the word.

That said, in the years prior Microsoft has been on point when it comes to working on what brought it to the dance: Xbox Live and power. Each generation, the Xbox becomes more and more of a technological and entertainment beast while Live continues to be the multiplayer service of choice on the console. However, Microsoft still hadn’t figured out how to break into the eastern gaming market or bolstered its arsenal to have a steady flow of first party titles.

Of course, Microsoft has always focused on Xbox Live as opposed to Xbox proper. This is evident in the upcoming streaming platform that will let players enjoy games on the console or anything else.

As for what Microsoft has done to beef up its first-party offerings, it has thrown more money into a few studios and created a new studio called The Initiative. The studios with more funding include Undead Labs, Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, and Playground Games.

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