EA Will Launch Premium “Origin Access Premier” Very Soon

EA Will Launch Premium "Origin Access Premier" Very Soon

If you enjoy Electronic Arts’ titles and would pay $15 a month–or $100 a year–to have access to them of them on PC, then you’re in luck. EA will be launching a new subscription service called Origin Access Premier.

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The service announced during EA’s quarterly earnings call. Apparently, they did well enough that they will confident about a premium subscription service. The current services Origin Access and Xbox One’s EA Access do the same thing for the most part but subscribers have to wait some time to get new games.

Meanwhile Origin Access Premier will give players full access to the back catalog and a five-day head start on the official release of new titles.

It is a good step for EA who is the first to jump on this. If successful, we could very well see other PC-oriented developers dive in. After all, subscriptions are hot at the moment. Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music for your tunes. Netflix or Hulu for TV and film. Marvel Unlimited, Comixology and now Ultimate DC Membership for your comics. Subscriptions are really hitting it out of the park as far as getting what you want, when you want it, and for however long you want it.

If the idea of having infinite access to EA’s library of games appeals to you, the service goes live on Monday.

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