Ebuygold to Recover its Reputation in E-Currency Exchange World

Ebuygold to Recover its Reputation in E-Currency Exchange World

Ebuygold, one of the most famous e-currency exchangers, is trying hard to recover its reputation.

Many people and former customers of Ebuygold reported several scams done by this site on May. Clients wrote their negative feedbacks and reviews in related forums and discussion boards.

Ebuygold is one of the endorsed e-money exchangers by Liberty Reserve. After receiving many complaints about the activities of Ebuygold, Liberty Reserve decided to suspend all the accounts held by this company. Liberty Reserve confirmed the suspension on 5/21/2012 in its official weblog.

On 06/11/2012 Andrew, CEO of Ebuygold Limited, published a story about what had happened to the company and staff. “On 7th May, all of our staff got a car accident on a highway and were put into hospital, some of them were badly injured and in critical condition, my laptop got damaged as well, which caused we could not access to our server for a period of time.” Andrew announced in his entry.

Base on the recent reports by clients of Ebuygold, the company has refunded most of the orders and payments. Currently Ebuygold is trying to recover its reputation in this industry. However Liberty Reserve didn’t publish any announcement on this subject.

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