Emperor of Japan Leaves Hospital After Heart Surgery

Media reported Japan’s Emperor Akihito left the hospital on Sunday after undergoing successful surgery in the coronary artery .

Newspapers have said Akihito, 78, wants to attend Mass official commemoration of the first anniversary of the earthquake and tidal waves (tsunami) that struck Japan on March 11 last year despite the fact that doctors advised him not to return to his official duties by at least a week .

Akihito became emperor after the death of his father Hirohito in 1989 and credited with bringing the imperial family and the Japanese people . Akihito underwent surgery in 2003 to remove a cancerous tumor in the prostate and suffered from health problems due to stress at the end of 2008, prompting the agency auspices of the Imperial Palace – which oversees the activities of the imperial family – to reduce the burdens of public official .

But after five days after the earthquake , Akihito made an speech in TV – in an event is the first of its kind – in which he urged citizens to lend a helping hand to each other in difficult times . In April, he traveled with his wife Michiko to the affected area and met with citizens who have lost their homes in the disaster .

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