ESL Aims To Tackle Performance Enhancing Drugs With Testing Policy

ESL Aims To Tackle Performance Enhancing Drugs With Testing Policy

Last month saw the Electronic Sports League announce that it would establish a drug testing policy for its competitors. Most sports have their share of banned drugs that could result in an unfair advantage or harm to other athletes. That is why the ESL is working with the World Anti-Doping Agency to list drugs banned from use according to the league’s post on Reddit.

While drugs such as cocaine, crack, and steroids are shoe-ins, the main drug of concern from a competitive standpoint is Adderall, a known medication that assists in managing narcolepsy and ADHD. In the context of e-sports, Adderall can be considered a performance enhancer since it helps in hand-eye coordination and reaction, two attributes important for players at all competition levels.

The ESL will make use of oral testing as opposed to the league’s original approach toward skin testing. While marijuana will fly outside of the radar if used outside of competition days, competitors will require legit prescriptions and a physician’s note for banned drugs.

The league said that players violating the drug testing policy will face punishments, but there won’t be blanket punishments since each infraction will be different—banned drugs falling in different classes, different amounts used, and days since use amoung other factors. These punishments include hits to prize money or tournament points at the mild end to disqualification and two year bans at the most extreme.

You can view drugs that make the list on WADA’s site.

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