EU Parliament Pushes Policy To Break Up Google

EU Parliament Pushes Policy To Break Up Google

Whether its about the depth of their search engine and the privacy of EU citizens, general privacy, or in-app purchases, Google continues to run afoul of EU regulators in some way and measures are often put forth. The current measure: break Google up as a company.

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No one believes that the measure will do anything to Google and most view it as further barking on the antitrust front. Legally, the EU Parliament has no say in antitrust affairs.

Looking at it long term, this policy could be one of many in an attempt to nudge Google out of the region or at least make the region unattractive because of the amount of regulations the company would have to deal with to push products and services.

While getting their wares out in a timely matter is key to Google satisfying its customers, the company wouldn’t be above entertaining tedious regulations.

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While the EU Parliament putting out these policies shouldn’t affect Google, the company could see trouble should new antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager pinpoint fault in Google’s business practices in Europe the company could see a fine and have to change how they operate in the region–basically nothing they haven’t done before.

The office of Chief Vestager maintain that the Parliament’s vote won’t affect her action on Google. The policy passed with 384 for, 174 against, and 56 abstentions.

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