The FAA Is Running Tests For Drone Detection System

The FAA Is Running Tests For Drone Detection System

Currently off limit areas such as the airspace around U.S. airports and government building are pretty unprotected, but that won’t be the case for long as the FAA tests out a drone detection system.

The ran forty tests since early this month at New York’s JFK airport using prior test results from Atlantic City International as a base. The technology used in the detection system was developed by the FBI.

Information about if the testing featured preventative measures in cooperation with the detection system, traffic conditions, and the like are absent. Outside of “testing took place, this is where and when it took place, and this is what we used as targets,” the specifics of the testing and the results gained are a mystery.

Since drones are a relatively new potential aerial threat and also a soon to be real method of commercial delivery, expect these tests to continue. As the FAA gets closer to favorable results regulations could be updated and more information could be released on the specific details of the testing.

For now we know that the FAA is serious about making sure all bases are covered in regards to commercial and recreational drone usage.

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