Facebook Is Continuing The Fight Against Clickbait On Its News Feed

Facebook has regularly tried to reduce and rid user New Feeds of clickbait articles and content.

Facebook Is Continuing The Fight Against Clickbait On Its News Feed

Basically these are articles and videos meant to lure users into clicking on it by featuring attention grabbing titles or imagery, but often times offering little of relevance. It’s also a pejorative for articles meant purely to generate clicks.

Normally people can sniff them out and avoid them–you can find them on some sites often to the side of the main article you’re reading–but something they can be mixed in with actual content containing articles.

Despite the company’s best efforts, clickbait has continued to have a steady presence on the site. Now Facebook is looking to take a more aggressive approach to taking out the content nuisance by having employees manually scan article headlines for that either leave out an important details to lure readers into checking out the article. They will also check for articles that play on a reader’s curiosity.

The News Feed’s team will also tackle clickbait at the head. Its algorithm will spot clickbait headlines and maybe even find the source or publisher of the articles and cut off their reach, making Facebook a potentially fruitless platform for content.

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