Facebook Introduces Lifestage To Keep Younger Users Around

Almost three years ago, a UK study pointed out that teens were bailing on Facebook for other social media platforms. Facebook is tackling this with a new iOS app called Lifestage. Developed by Facebook product manager Michael Sayman, the app allows users to share things about their lives via video and pictures. Also the app is for users 21 and under.

Facebook Introduces Lifestage To Keep Younger Users Around

In discussing the app with TechCrunch, the 19-year old Sayman said Lifestage’s approach was to be a kind of return to the original Facebook which was mainly geared toward college students. Another old school social network example would be the long gone High School Club and College Club. Anyone over 21 won’t be able to communicate and share with the Lifestage community.

As far as security features, there’s blocking and linking the account to one high school or college that can’t be changed, but beyond that Facebook can’t confirm that users actually attend that school or college. It was similar to how high school-aged users and people who weren’t in college managed to join Facebook early on by simply signing up and telling the site what it needed.

Lifestage is still new and will grow as needed security and verification-wise. The thing here is that it grows before harassment or predatory users become major issue that could result in its user base bailing.

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