Facebook Is Exploring Anonymous Communication With New App In Development

Facebook Is Exploring Anonymous Communication With New App In Development

It looks as though Facebook is working on an app that allows users to talk anonymously. Apparently the app will be a part of Facebook ecosystem of services and apps, but will work outside of Facebook’s approach of making the world a smaller place through close connections and mutual connections.

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Heading up development on this app is Josh Miller who became a part of the Facebook family after the company scooped up Branch. According to The New York Times, Miller and his team have been busy at work on the project for over a year now. Outside of that, the project is very hush hush. It’s expected that the app would work by allowing Facebook users to sign into the app with their account and allow users to discuss things among themselves behind a username.

What it sounds like from what little information is out and what is known of similar projects, Facebook is developing a separate forum or microblogging-type platform—similar to Secret who have expanded their service into an blend of Twitter/Facebook post feeds built on anonymity. Should users not take to this app Facebook could always scrap it later down the line, but these kinds of services will have a small user base of diehards who will stick with it. Out of over one billion active users you’re not looking at just a few thousand users milling about in this anonymous app.

The app is expected to be released within the next few weeks.

SOURCE: The New York Times

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