Facebook Is Testing Out A New Search Engine For The Mobile App

Facebook Is Testing Out A New Search Engine For The Mobile App

It appears that Facebook is looking to make the app version of the popular social network the place users need to go by delivering not only content related to who you know, but also news articles related to posts. According to TechCrunch Facebook is testing out a search engine to achieve that and that some users of the iOS version of the app are getting a look at it.

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The search feature will allow users to look up article based on a keyword and add it to their post. This search engine is located among Facebook’s other sharing options in a post. The placement of the link sharing function was important since it would’ve likely been considered pointless if users had to navigate from posting to elsewhere in the app and back.

The search engine comes along after users have said in the past that sharing links can be a bother on the mobile app or from the mobile site since there’s additional steps involved in searching for an article in a completely different app then copying and pasting the link on Facebook.

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With the one-stop shop approach being big with sites now it seems like now is the right time for Facebook to complete it. For years the service has offered games, an outlet for artists, musicians, and companies to meet their audiences and customers, and of course connecting with people you know, so Facebook pretty much offered everything, it just needed to keep people in one place.

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