Facebook Is Test Running Self-Destructing Messages In France For Messenger

Facebook Is Test Running Self-Destructing Messages In France

Facebook is trying out a Snapchat-like feature for its Messenger app in France. As the feature suggests, it will allow for users to set a message to delete within an hour.

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The company told The Verge that self-destructing messages could be activated by tapping an hourglass icon and that it only works on a specific message. Facebook also said that the feature could be turned off whenever.

As always there’s the question of if the feature would be tested in other countries. Facebook said that it was possible in the future, but gave no hint on a time window or potential countries. Interestingly, Facebook attempted to scoop up Snapchat back in 2013 with a pretty juicy $3 billion, but as we know it was turned down.

Facebook gave no details on when it would be ready for everyone to use in Messenger, but given how quickly the company runs a feature across its different services and apps the wait shouldn’t be too long. We could be hearing about Facebook Messenger’s self-destructing messages in a couple of months as opposed to down the line when users would’ve forgotten the feature was even in testing.

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