Facebook Gets Into Online Dating

Facebook Gets Into Online Dating

Facebook is looking at entering the dating site arena with features geared towards the art of love or lust–whatever you’re looking for relationship-wise.

Facebook Makes Changes to Deal With “Issue Ads”

The dating side of Facebook will only be viewable by non-friends. This is perhaps to keep things secret since people tend to share things on a dating site that they wouldn’t share on social media. Things in your dating profile don’t appear in your feed.

To get in on Facebook Dating (not the official name), you will need to make separate dating profile. From there, the site matches you to other Facebook users who have dating profiles by interests. This makes sense since the company has a ton of information on you anyway from what you share and what groups you associate with on the platform.

In addition to groups, Facebook Dating will allow for you to find potential matches through shared Events you might be interested in and mutual friends. Again, the company is working with data that its competitors just aren’t privy to off the bat.

Relationships forming–and breaking–on Facebook isn’t a new thing but what do you think? Is Facebook secure enough to dive into dating or is it a cavern for creeps? Maybe it sits somewhere between the two?

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