Facebook-WhatsApp Acquisition Information Challenged By EU Commission

Facebook-WhatsApp Acquisition Information Challenged By EU Commission

The European Commission—the regulatory bane of many a tech company for many reasons—recently hit Facebook with accusations of giving false information during its bid to purchase WhatsApp back in 2014.

The nature of the information falls on data-sharing between the two companies. Facebook told the EU Commission that it wouldn’t be able to automatically link data between the services’ accounts. Of course WhatsApp’s privacy policy changes saw the service’s account data shared with Facebook for different purposes including fine tuning ads for Facebook users.

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Facebook said that it was upfront with information provided including it’s “technical capabilities and plans” in regards to the privacy policy changes and data sharing. The social network did say it would “continue to co-operate and share information officials need to resolve their questions” which points to possibly giving the EU Commission a satisfactory reason.

The EU Commission uses information gained during the acquisition process to deal with mergers that could give a company too much of an advantage over its competition. The case here is that the European Commission doesn’t see the practice of data-sharing as anti-competitive, what doesn’t sit well with it is that Facebook didn’t provide accurate information during the process.

January 31st is the deadline for Facebook to give a decent excuse for providing misleading information to the EU Commission or face a fine that could weigh in at $179 million.

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