Family of Denver Woman Slain By Gunman Forced To Leave Their Home

Family of Denver Woman Slain By Gunman Forced To Leave Their Home

Photo Credit: AP – Sandra Roskilly in 2011

Only three days after a Denver, Colorado gunman left one dead and one wounded, a Denver family is being evicted from the deceased’s home.

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Sandra Roskilly (47) was shot down on her front porch by Daniel Abyeta (31) last Friday. Abyeta also shot and wounded a neighbor of Sandra Roskilly and attempted to set off an improvised propane bomb before being wounded by a police sniper. The bomb was later taken care of by the Denver PD bomb squad.

Due to legal matters that apparently beyond the control of Denver Housing Authority and the family members living in the house, Roskilly’s mother, Doris Kessler (70) and her 18-year old autistic son are being evicted.

The legal nature of the situation comes from Roskilly being the sole head name on the lease at the time of her death and leaving no will. Also, the home is subsidized meaning its fate is directly determined by the city authority in such situations. As a result, the house and possessions belonging to Roskilly are now property of a public administrator.

The Denver Housing Authority gave Roskilly’s mother and son six hours to gather their personal belongings and vacate the house, but weren’t given permission to take furniture or personal property belonging to the deceased. Doris currently resides at one of her children’s homes, sleeping on the couch while Sandra’s son is living in Pueblo-based facility.

Sandra Roskilly’s brother, Dennis Campbell, weighed in on the situation saying, “She’s been living here 10 years and now they’re telling her she’s just a visitor and she has no rights whatsoever. Everything she’s (Doris Kessler) going to have left of my sister are in that home.”

Campbell also believed that his sister died trying to protect her neighbor who was also Daniel Abyeta’s estranged wife. Abyeta has a history of domestic and child abuse and Roskilly would frequently console his wife after arguments. Campbell told Denver’s NBC 9 that, “In her last moments, she was doing what she wanted to do, trying to reach out to a neighbor that was in trouble.

On the eviction situation, Spokesman Jerry Brown of the Housing and Urban Development agency said, “Our rules and guidelines are just that, and we would hope people would use compassion. They have discretion, which is why the city has a board to administer it. There was no notification on our end of an eviction, and we didn’t have a say in it.”

Brown says that Housing and Urban Development hopes that the Denver Housing Authority will reconsider its decision on the matter.

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