FBI Manages To Access San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

FBI Manages To Access San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

It looks as though the FBI has managed to get into the iPhone belonging to Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters. In a Monday court filing, the FBI informed the court that it had come up with a new way to get past the iPhone’s encryption and wouldn’t need Apple’s help.

So that wraps things up between Apple and the FBI—for now anyway—since the FBI’s legal action hung on Apple initially being the only one able to get around its own encryption.

There are some questions here such as what is the exact exploit used and if it could be used in the future. On one level it makes sense that the FBI wouldn’t show its work since could be an exploit that Apple would correct, making its progress useless.

The method was demonstrated to law enforcement last week, roughly two weeks before it the Bureau was supposed to demonstrate the method.

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