The FBI’s San Bernardino iPhone Exploit Cost Over $1.3 Million

The FBI's iPhone Exploit Method Cost Over $1.3 Million

While speaking at the Aspen Security Forum, FBI Director James Comey mentioned that the exploit used to access the San Bernardino iPhone basically cost more than he would make in his remaining years with the agency.

Last week The Washington Post reported that the FBI paid a one time flat fee for the exploit to a contractor. With some number crunching from Reuters, it was noted that Comey is looking at around $1.3 million in that period.

There had been a somewhat lengthy battle between the FBI and Apple that drew support from the rest of the tech community in favor of company and since then it was revealed that there was nothing of use on the phone.

In a different speaking engagement, Director Comey told Kenyon College students that the FBI’s method isn’t an all purpose exploit and that more advanced phones would prove a problem. Should similar situation occur and one of the more recent model iPhones be involved in the investigation it’s possible we could see the FBI and Apple squaring off again.

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