FCC Offers Anti-Theft Suggestions To Mobile Industry

FCC Offers Anti-Theft Suggestions To Mobile Industry

The FCC’s Technical Advisory Committee released a statement via the Mobile Device Theft Prevention Working Group saying that all smartphone manufacturers and wireless carrier should be able to make mobile theft harder on thieves. The Work Group detailed several methods that manufacturers and carriers should take to accomplish this without putting the burden on consumers. Among these methods are remote locking and remote data-wiping.

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Commission head Tom Wheeler pushed for the industry to adapt and support the recommendations. “If implemented, these features will result in more consumers using these powerful features which, in turn, will mark a key milestone in combating smart phone theft,” Wheeler said.

Should manufacturers and carriers jump on with the recommendations, it would be the building blocks to “a national framework for these features.” Meaning it would make these features uniform with all devices coming after implementation. Not only that, but it would be the formation and strengthening of laws regarding phone theft in addition.

If these it anti-theft features were to become the norm, it could get to the point where a new device could be staled in the U.S due to not meeting suggestions that became regulation over time.

Of course all of this requires cooperation from manufacturers and carriers. While it is voluntary, it could become a problem in the future should with companies either no participating and others going along and building the framework anyway or continued, sluggish showdowns with the Commission on various aspects of anti-theft and how said company’s device is a major target.

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