FIFA Criticized Brazil’s Preparations for The World Cup

Jerome Falk , the Secretary-General of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) , criticized on Brazil’s preparations to host the 2014 World Cup, saying “It does not happen a lot of progress . They must speed up the work.”

Falk stressed on raising concerns about the tournament that the time is running out . However Aldo Rebelo , Brazil’s sports minister , Replied to these criticizes . He mentioned that his priority is to enable indigenous Indians and low-income families, the author of the matches, while the International Federation seeks to make a profit  .

International Federation concerns are focused specifically on the transport and accommodation issues as the slow motion of the laws and bureaucracy in Brazil for the World Cup and the sale of alcohol is also of concern to FIFA .

“I do not understand why no progress is made. No longer work in the stadiums in accordance with the schedule. Why there is a delay in completing the many of them?” Falk said .”There are fears that do not create anything that is intended to receive a lot of people . I regret to say that, but things are not going well in Brazil.”

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