Fleeing Opportunities Fleeting For Snowden

Fleeing Opportunities Fleeting For Snowden

The noose seems to be tightening on Edward Snowden as he tries to find asylum from espionage charges slammed down by the U.S. Several of the countries he’s applied to either denied his request or said he’d have to get to their country to apply. The latter poses a problem as A. he’d have to make sure he has a direct route to said country and B. his passport has been revoked, so he certainly can’t linger around too long. On top of that, Russia are asking him to leave.

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On the bright side for Snowden, Bolivia and Venezuela seem supportive of his attempt to outrun the U.S, but 11 of the 21—more than the 15 we previously reported—have left his request in the air until he appears at one of their embassies or in their country. Included in these few countries who are open to considering his request are Iceland and Ecuador, two of the same countries it was believed he’d flee to while in China. Meanwhile Brazil, India, and Poland have flat out denied his request. Russia would’ve given Snowden asylum if he agreed to “stop his work aimed at harming our American partners” in President Vladimir Putin’s words.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said that Snowden could get asylum, but that Bolivia are “…worried at the demeanor of countries such as USA.” Reuters mentioned that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro chimed in on the subject saying that Snowden should get protection and not prosecution. “What crime has he committed? Did he kill anyone? Did he plant a bomb and kill anyone? No, much better, he has prevented wars, and he has stopped illegalities being committed against the entire world. For this, he deserves the protection of the world.”

Of course Bolivia and Venezuela didn’t give Snowden a way out of Sheremetyevo International Airport…and so he remains, stranded in Moscow. In statements Monday, Snowden commented on the Obama administration restricting his movements saying that “These are the old, bad tools of political aggression, their purpose is to frighten, not me, but those who would come after me.” Snowden added that he is “…unbowed in my convictions and impressed at the efforts taken by so many.”

Below are the statuses of countries he has applied to for asylum.

Austria: Snowden’s request invalid, he must be in Austria to submit requests in person.
Bolivia: Stated that Snowden didn’t give them a request.
Brazil: Tossed request out.
China: Snowden recently fled from China after be asked to leave. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there’s nothing else to add on the matter.
Cuba: No response.
Ecuador: They are up for considering the request, but Snowden must be within their borders or at an embassy.
Finland: Reportedly received no application, simply a letter. Finnish law dictates that they can’t give accept an application for asylum outside of their territory.
France: Didn’t receive a request.
Germany: Requests are to made within the country, but there is a loophole for him there if his reasons for fleeing could be considered “international legal or urgent humanitarian reasons” as well as “ensuring the political interests of Germany.”
Iceland: Must be within the territory to request asylum.
India: Stated that they would throw out a request.
Ireland: Snowden must reach the borders before an asylum request is considered. Hasn’t confirmed if they got a request from Snowden.
Italy: Received a request by fax and said that they accept asylum requests done within their territory or at the border.
The Netherlands: Snowden would need to be in Holland to request asylum.
Nicaragua: No response on the matter, yet.
Norway: Have gotten a request and are considering if they should process it or not.
Poland: Asylum request was dropped for not meeting requirements.
Russia: Snowden pulled his request after it was asked that he stop leaking. Snowden is currently stranded at the International Airport there.
Spain: Dropped Snowden’s request as it wasn’t made in Spanish borders.
Switzerland: Said that they haven’t gotten a request and that requests must be made with Switzerland or a Swiss embassy.
Venezuela: Are open to helping Snowden, but haven’t been approached.

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