Free Calls Now on Facebook Messenger for Android

Free Calls Now on Facebook Messenger on Android

Facebook’s VoIP service will now be free to use for users of Facebook Messenger for Android. The addition was made Thursday and will be made available for both Facebook Messenger for Android and Facebook Home. The new update adds a “Free Call” button which can be used from your friend’s contact page. If you use Facebook Home you’ll be able to get calls from Chat Heads—although the process is a bit more tedious. You need to click three dots next to your friend’s name and select “Open Messenger.”

After that, simply go to your buddy’s contact information. You’ll click on the “Free Call” button and Facebook will connect you to your friend via Wi-Fi or phone. Again, the whole thing is very tedious, but it is functional.

Facebook has really been trying to push their VoIP for a while and was initially tested among Canadian users on the iPhone. Apparently Facebook were pleased with the outcome and brought the service to Android and beyond Canada. While there are other VoIP services that could be used, Facebook is offering this for free and at no cost to your smartphone minutes. Of course a service such as Skype works in a similar nature and can be used for free and more would use it, but it seems as though there is a much more readily available base for Facebook than Skype.

No download is required to use the VoIP feature in Facebook as an update should have already been performed.

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