FTC Gives The OK To Facebook’s Purchase of Oculus

FTC Gives The OK To Facebook's Purchase of Oculus

The purchase of Oculus by Facebook has been given the thumbs up by the Federal Trade Commission. In looking over the $2 billion deal it was decided that it wouldn’t violate any of the U.S antitrust laws.

There was a great deal of hype for the new VR headset and the potential use for it—as far as gaming was concerned—earlier in the year until it was announced that Facebook had purchased it. With a big war chest behind them Oculus can focus on making the Rift a major player in gaming and entertainment. This could even mean a push into making VR a mainstream thing which is what Sony and Microsoft are working on with their VR projects.

With that there are the concerns of those in the gaming industry—developers and gamers—hang on the fact that it was Facebook who bought Oculus. The obvious guess (and running gag) is that there could be virtual reality Facebook or some implementation of Facebook with Oculus as opposed to them existing as two separate entities that share the same portfolio.

On the bright side, there’s still space for Oculus to follow through with the widely intended/expected use of the technology. While what Facebook has planned for it isn’t clear, the possibilities aren’t as static as say Yahoo purchasing Tumblr.

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