Gmail , Google and Yahoo Are Accessible in Several Cities of Iran

Around 2 days ago we published a news story about occurred problems for Iranians to connect major websites like Gmail , Google and Yahoo .

Base on recent reports Iranian governmenst are lifting the blocks from the mentioned websites in several cities but still people experience low speed connections on Gmail .

We received reports from Sari , Mash’had , Yazd and Bandar Abbas . People in these cities can connect to Gmail and Google But people from Tehran and Karaj complaining about low speed connections .”Https” protocol somehow re-opened in Iran but still there are problems . Banking portals are out of work .

Ali Motahari, Shabestar representative in Parliament and Telecommunications Committee said : “Authorities are responsible for this scandal . They have to answer people if the problem was from their side or from foreign countries hosting servers. ”

There are many rumors in Iran about holding anti-government demonstration in 25th Bahman in several cities like the recent 2 years . A lot of pages in Facebook are organizing protests . This may be another reason for current internet outage in Iran .


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  1. qq says:

    access is denied in qom even yet

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