Google Adwords is Still Blocked in Iran

Google Adwords is Still Blocked in Iran

It was four months ago when Iran’s Filtering Committee decided to block Google Adwords service in the country. This means users having Iranian IP address cannot open any advertisements next to results in Google.

In that time, activists had believed the blockade was linked to removing the Persian Gulf term from Google Maps (however Google has restored the name of Persian Gulf to its Maps service) but actually it was reported that Iranian authorities are not happy with the revenues of Google from Iran’s search market. The net profit of Google from Iran’s market was calculated around $36 million. After publishing that report Kabir News contacted Google for obtaining the exact number of revenue earned by the U.S. based company from Iranian users. Google didn’t respond us in that time but it seems Google will not announce any number on this subject since the U.S. embargoes on Iran’s economy restrict the American based companies dealing with Iranians. So Google will not publish any information regarding its revenue from Iran. By the way analysts say Google’s revenue from Iran is lower that the reported one by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Technology and The head of Information Technology Organization of Iran, promised to lift the blockage from Google Adwords service after IT companies and individuals showed their objection regarding the recent action taken by government. Despite his promise to Iranian community the blockage is still continuing and hurting the local companies.

In a country suffering from high unemployment rates, Google Adwords was one of the best tools for individuals to start their online businesses locally. But this decision by Filtering Committee has limited them to take advantage from this service offered by giant search engine, Google.

It’s good to know that Google is the number one search engine in Iran and it has accounted for more than 90% of searches in this country.

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