Google Chose Myriam Fares as its New Ambassador in The Middle East And North Africa

Myriam Fares has been selected as the new ambassador of Google Plus in the middle east region and the north Africa , announced by the officials of Google .

Dr. Maha Abou El Enein , Head of Public Affairs of Google in Middle East , said Myriam will be the only ambassador of Google Plus in these regions . “Because of the high volume of searches about Myriam Fares in Google Plus network , We decided to chose her .” Maha Abou El Enein said . “We are happy to work with her because she is very popular in region and we appreciate this .” She added .

Also Myriam Fares said she is happy to be the new ambassador of Google Plus .

Myriam Fares born May 3, 1983 is a Lebanese singer and entertainer . She is best known for her album “Bet’oul Eh” .

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