Google Completes Self-Driving Car Prototype

Google Completes Self-Driving Car Prototype

Google has finished the full build of its self-driving car’s prototype. Originally revealed back in May, the car didn’t feature headlights and has gone through several different body designs and systems for driving.

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In Google’s experimentation for the vehicle, they’ve tried to find the best marriage between standard street legal features—steering wheels, brake systems, etc—and what would work for the actual self-driving parts of the car. Some of the designs seen from Google’s test track show that some of the ideas for the car that the company were running with had more in common with vehicles already on the road structurally.

Now that the team has gotten everything for the self-driving car down, there are plans to test it out over the holidays and to get the finished prototype on public streets in California for further real world testing next year. The company first got the go ahead from the California DMV back in September and managed to get 25 of the 29 permits to test cars.

SOURCE: Google Self-Driving Car Project

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