Google Duo Now Works With Google Assistant

Google Duo Now Works With Google Assistant

Whether on your Android device or iOS, Google can do many things to make your day and probably even your life easier. The problem is that there are so many moving parts to Google. There are some extremely useful parts–then you have the rest you have no use for.

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That said, the company is actively trying to reel all of the mobile services into something that isn’t a tangled mess. The one service that will serve as the anchor for this task: Google Assistant. All Google has to do for most services is feature some sort of connection between them that allows for Assistant functionality.

That’s what the company is doing with Duo. As simple as it might seem, you can now tell Google Assistant to start a video call with a contact. From there, Duo or Hangouts (if Duo isn’t installed). It might not seem like that big of a feature or update, but considering how much Google has to work with and how nice it would be to use say “Okay Google” for something other than a weather report, this is a solid feature.

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