Google Expands Rolling Study Halls Initiative

Google Expands Rolling Study Halls Initiative

Google’s Rolling Study Halls have made great strides in bringing Wi-Fi and computer access to school districts that wouldn’t normally have such access. The program was originally run in the Carolinas’ rural areas. By configuring buses with these tools, students have been able to tackle their classes in different, more convenient ways. 

The company is now expanding Rolling Study Halls to 16 more rural school districts. This will give students with lengthy commutes from their homes to schools the chance to handle their academic work before and after school.  

Google will also handle the data plans and provide Chromebooks. The Rolling Study Halls during the North Carolina test run featured cameras that allowed the school to monitor students live. These buses also come with what Google and the Consortium for School Networking call an onboard educator. This person provides help to students when needed. 

The focus on rural communities make sense when considering Google has data centers in some locations—such as South Carolina. Also, the commutes are extremely lengthy. In the inner city even with morning traffic the school bus or public transit commutes were often under 30-45 minutes in Birmingham. Meanwhile, in some of the rural communities, the ride to school ran into the one hour to an hour and a half territory. Ouch. 

The school districts are located in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. 

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