Google and Facebook Will Block Fake News Sites From Ad Networks

Google and Facebook Will Block Fake News Sites From Ad Networks

Facebook and Google both have issues with fake news making it into the top results and news feeds. It’s something that is an issue on some other sites that generally deal in actual news as well.

Following backlash on fake news making it to the upper reaches of results in the wake of the election, the companies—after defending themselves from criticism—are moving to ban sites that deal in false content.

Facebook announced it would add fake news sites to its banned roster of sites, booting those sites from its own ad network. Earlier this year Facebook move to keep click bait articles out of users News Feed, but this seems like more proactive approach which includes more monitoring of sites and moving “on site and apps that are found to be in violation,” Facebook said to the Wall Street Journal.

Google made its announcement first stating that it would boot fake news sites from its powerful ad network. This means that owners of those sites would have to find another way to generate income with click bait articles that have apparently worked well for some time.

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