Google Announces Indie Games Festival For September 24th

Google Announces Indie Games Festival For September 24th

September 24th is the date of Google’s Indie Games Festival and the company is currently making a push to have a good amount of developers present at the event.

Hosted at San Francisco’s Terra Gallery, the Indie Games Festival is open currently open to North American developers—U.S and Canada—working with a team of 15 members or less. Attending developers should also have something released in 2016. The window is closing as potential featured developers have until August 14th to get those games in.

There will be goodies for developers including such as tickets to Google I/O 2017, ad space on the Play Store, and hardware for developing on Google’s Tango and Cardboard.

As for attendees, the Indie Games Festival is free and open to the public. Opening the doors to everyone with no fee ensures there will be a sizable crowd for the event which means more eyes in one place for indie developers—especially those that probably get overlooked for more popular developers.

The beauty of any notable convention or festival geared towards arts and entertainment is that you never known when the next big company, game, or comic will come out of it so expect a good turnout as far as festival goers and developers.

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