Google Is Facing An Antitrust Threat From Russia

Google Is Facing An Antitrust Threat From Russia

Another antitrust battle is on the horizon for Google with the threat coming from Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service. The complaint this time involves the company’s Android operating system and was filed by search engine competitor Yandex NX.

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Even though Yandex holds the greater bulk of the search market, the inevitable growth of Google in the market via Android gives Russia’s own cause for concern. The complaint from Yandex states that Google has an advantage thanks to Android by not allowing competitors’ pre-installed apps on Android devices. The company has tried in the past to get its own apps on Android devices offered through Russian carriers with no luck.

While Google does have an advantage thanks to Android, it appears to be more of manufacturers having trust in the quality of Android apps and the ability to move devices on those apps and the Android name alone.

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In commenting about the complaint Google stated “Device makers are free to install the apps they choose and consumers always have complete control over the apps on their devices.”

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