Google Now Hits iOS Via Google Search Update

Google Now Hits iOS Via Google Search Update

Google Now—which is usually on Android devices—can be used on iOS. Google Now is a personal assistant feature that gives updates and information in a way similar to iOS’ Siri. Google Now is included as part of the Google Search app’s update.

Google Now was originally a part of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in 2012. There was an awkward business relationship between Apple and Google in regards to getting the service on iOS. Eric Schmidt of Google stated that they were waiting on Apple’s approval to get Google Now on iOS, but Apple responded that they never received such a claim.

After updating Google Search on iPad or iPod, Google Now can be used. For those who have never used Google Now, the app allows for users to view updated information such as plane schedules, sports scores, and so on. If there is active, live information constantly changing you will be updated on those changes. It is able to recognize user behavior such as locations frequented, regularly scheduled events on their calendar, searches, and so on. It uses “cards” to display this information to the user. The cards included are: activity summary  (exercise such as walking), birthdays, general events (available via Gmail), flights (available via Gmail), hotels (Gmail), package tracking, restaurants, etc.

The iOS version doesn’t have cards for airline tickets and movie tickets yet, but it is expected to be added soon.

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