Google Publishes The Findings Of Email Security Study

Google Publishes The Findings Of Email Security Study

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It has been a busy week for Google as it rolled out YouTube Music and announced further plans to increase email security. The latter was the focus of a post yesterday which saw the company announce that it would be publishing a large study about the growth of email security and what it will do with those findings.

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Working alongside the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois, the study covered improvements since 2013. Google said that the goal of the findings was to “not only help make Gmail more secure, but will also be used to help protect email users everywhere as well.” The short take away from the study was that email security has improved since 2013.

Google Publishes The Findings Of Email Security Study

Google noted two main challenges that it would need to tackle. The first challenge is that there are “regions of the Internet actively preventing message encryption by tampering with requests to initiate SSL connections.” The company said it would work with partners through the M3AAWG to strengthen security in this area and stem interception.

The other challenge sees “malicious DNS servers” sending false routing information to email servers looking for Gmail. Google says this form of attack is rare and doesn’t affect correspondence within Gmail, but could interfere with cross-provider messages. To combat this, Google says that Gmail will now warn users of messages that come through a non-encrypted connection and to expect these warnings “in the coming months.”

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