Google to Invest More in China

Daniel Alegre, President of Asia-Pacific Sales, Business Development and Operations for Google, announced on Tuesday that the company will continue to invest in China with a focus on the expansion of advertising on the Internet and mobile phones.

During a visit to Taiwan, Daniel said the company sees opportunities in connecting companies in China with potential customers abroad. “We did not leave China at all. But currently we do not have activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. We have an active engineering center located in China working on growing opportunities in online and mobile phones advertising.” He declared.

Google’s servers transferred out from China to Hong Kong in 2010 after an attack by hackers blamed on China to a large extent. At that time Google announced they will no longer wish to continue to censor search results for Chinese clients. The issue has caused political tensions between China and the United States. Google will continue to manage operations in China, but relations with the Chinese government is still tense. Alegre said Google can serve a wide range of small and medium enterprises in China to enable them to reach customers around the world.

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