Google to Launch Video Quality Report for YouTube

Google to Launch Video Quality Report for YouTube

Forever forging YouTube into one of the premier streaming sites online, Google will be launching Video Quality Report sometime next week. The service will put ISP into a ranking system based on video playback on YouTube—HD video content. The service is similar to Netflix’s ISP rating system.

The ratings include “Lower Definition” which is below 360p, “Standard Definition” at 360p at a minimum, and “YouTube HD Verified” at the best possible quality. For “YouTube HD Verified” an ISP will need quick load times 90 percent of the time.

Those are just the minimum requirements. Google mentioned that there other elements to determining video quality: the user’s Wi-Fi setup, the number of copies of a video in Google servers, and the ISP’s ability to grab content and its network.

The service will be available in Canada to start, but it’s expected to his the U.S and other countries later. The Canadian launch can be looked at as a test run for the service.

While the service will be great for determining why a video is streaming too slowly—if it’s a regular problem—users shouldn’t run with Video Quality Report as a means of picking their ISP.

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