Google to Refurbish DoubleClick AdPlanner

Google to Refurbish DoubleClick AdPlanner

According to the new announcement by Google, the company is going to refurbish DoubleClick AdPlanner service.

From September 5th, 2012 DoubleClick AdPlanner will be renamed to “Google Display Network Ad Planner”. The new service will include around 2 million websites partnering with Google Adsense program so customers can no more obtain information about websites which are not a part of Google’s advertising programs. Beside this some demographic data will not be available including Keywords Searched For, Videos Also Watched, HouseHold Income and Education. PageViews column will no longer be available.

Google recommended its users to make backup from their current settings because these adjustments to be removed from DoubleClick AdPlanner on September 5th, 2012.

DoubleClick AdPlanner is an special tool created by Google to give more information and better insight to customers who are interested to advertise in certain websites.

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