Grain Imports by Iran Increased by 156%

Grain Imports by Iran

Grain imports by Iran raised by 156% and reached to 430,000 tons in the first two months of this Persian year (started on 21 March).

According to the statistics published by Iran’s customs, this country imported oats from Azerbaijan, Emirates, Russia, Kazakhstan and Netherlands. Emirates with more than $36.6 million oats exports to Iran is the biggest grain exporters to this country.

Because of the domestic requirements, Iran should import 2 million tons of oats. However this number was only 1 million and 131,000 tons according to customs in the previous Persian year. Iran has spent around $372 million on oats imports in 1390. In 1389 Iran didn’t import any oats from foreign countries.

Iran needs about 5 million tons of soybean meal grain annually in order to feed livestock herds in this country. Iran cultivates 3 million tons of oats yearly in domestic fields. State Livestock Affairs Logistics is responsible to provide the necessary oats.

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