Gulf Women’s Wealth is Estimated at $385 Billion

A report released in Dubai to have the Gulf women’s wealth is estimated at $ 385 billion, adding that Gulf women take serious steps to move beyond their traditional role and are making remarkable progress in terms of employment , education , social and economic development .

The report released by Almasa Capital Limited for the alternative asset management . Women make up 41% of the population in the Gulf countries and the percentage of those working is 16%, and Saudi Arabia, UAE embraces about three-quarters of the total female workforce in the Gulf region, which includes 1.75 million women .

Saudi Arabia contributing 54% of the total female labor force in the Gulf region, followed by the UAE by 700 thousand women, while contributing to the rest of the GCC countries at rates less diversified between Kuwait, “10%” and Oman, “6%” and Qatar, “5%” and Bahrain ” 4%. ”

Shailesh Dash, Managing Director of Diamond said: ” In many cases, women’s wealth is invested in the safe asset classes such as bonds and cash and bank deposits, prompting some financial institutions to take serious steps to take advantage of this approach.”

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