Hasbro vs. Warner Bros. Over D&D Film Rights

Hasbro vs. Warner Bros. Over D&D Film Rights

Hasbro and Warner Bros. are duking it out of the film rights to the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. Even though Warner Bros. signed a contract for the rights last week, Hasbro are really taking it to WB. This comes from Hasbro working on a film with Universal with Chris Morgan writing and directing the potential film. This is odd as Warner Bros. are supposedly already working on their script for the film based on David Leslie Johnson’s screenplay Chainmail.

 It’s been reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Hasbro are suing Sweetpea Entertainment, the company headed up by WB’s Dungeons & Dragons producer Courtney Solomon—who also directed a failed version of D&D in 2000 that started Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans. He was also over the 2005 sequel D&D: Wrath of the Dragon God.

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Hasbro’s complaint mentions that Sweetpea Entertainment got the film rights back in 1994, but that the rights went back to Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast—which puts out the D&D game—after some inactivity. Hasbro now wants damages caused by Sweetpea “falsely claiming ownership of the sequel rights to WB.”

All in all, it looks like it could be some time before the Dungeons & Dragons film comes out due to legal issues. It could be resolved in a few months or a few years. Until then, you still have Courtney Solomon’s 2000 D&D outing.

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