Hassan Beheshtipour: Israel and United States Benefit From Tensions between Syria and Turkey

Israel and United States Benefit From Tensions between Syria and Turkey

Recently the tensions between the two neighboring countries (Syria and Turkey) have been escalated and the prime minister of Turkey warns of war in soon future against Syria. Syrian government accuses Turkish side of meddling in Syria’s internal affairs. A few days ago Syrian army shell Turkish border town leaving 5 civilians dead.

Hassan Beheshtipour, Iranian Expert on International Affairs, says the United States and Israel are the only countries benefit from the rising tensions between Syria and Turkey. “Nobody benefits from the conflict between Syrian and Turkish sides except U.S. and Israel. However it is not still clear if Syria waged the tensions. Turkey in cooperation with Syria must probe about the main source of attacks.” Syrian officials blame Free Syrian Army fighters for the reported attack from Syria soil. The Free Syrian Army is the main armed opposition group operating in Syria that has been active during the Syrian civil war.

Beheshtipour believes the new decision made by Turkish parliament which allows Turkish government to announce war against Syria is acting like ‘warning’.

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