Homeless Good Samaritan Turns In Over $40,000, Fund For His Deed Reaches Over $100,000

Homeless Good Samaritan Turns In $40K, Fund For His Deed Reaches Over $100K

BOSTON, MA – A homeless Boston man who turned in over $40,000 will see a good turn in fortunes as a fund in his name nets almost $111,000 in donations from a nation touched by his good deed.

The backpack containing the lost funds was found Saturday at South Bay Mall and contained $2,400 in cash and over $40,000 in traveler’s checks. The man who lost the backpack was discussing the lost item with workers in a store who called the police.

Glen James found the backpack and informed a police officer who returned it. James once worked in a Boston courthouse, but had fallen on bad times. Despite that, he said that he wouldn’t keep any of the money he found even if he could’ve walked off with it.

A Midlothian, Virginia accounts manager, Ethan Whittington, followed the story and was touched by Glen James’ honest nature. He started a gofundme.com fund for him which had reached around $110,000 in donations.

Whittington expressed his surprise both in James’ honesty and the turn out nationwide. “The fact that he’s in the situation he is, being homeless, it blew my mind that he would do this,” he said in a Wednesday interview.

He added that the funding campaign has “caught on like wildfire ever since. It’s brought me a lot of hope.”

Whittington also let it be known that the fund isn’t just about rewarding Glen James, “I think it’s a statement to everyone in America. If we come together and work toward one thing and work together, then we can make it happen.”

As with any online funding campaign, Ethan Whittington has run into skepticism that he is using Glen James’ nationally covered good deed as a jump off point for a scam. “It’s almost kind of depressing, to do something for a great cause, and you’ve got the naysayers out there,” the Virginia native said.

“I just wish there was some way I could 100 percent reassure everyone. I would be publicly humiliated if I scammed people now.”

According to Whittington, he and James have spoken on the phone and he plans to travel to Boston sometime soon to discuss how to get the money to him.

Whittington said that the new goal is $250,000 which $50,000 more than he intended to raise when the fundraiser started.

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