Huawei Is Looking To Beat Samsung To Foldable Smartphones This Fall

Huawei Is Looking To Beat Samsung To Foldable Smartphones This Fall

Smartphones have reached a pretty uniform shape across the board that makes any discussion about the actual form of the handset…bland. Either it has a larger screen or the screen curves around the edges. If it doesn’t have a larger display then you get into the placement of the cameras. However, Huawei is looking to add something new in foldable smartphones. 

Apple Is Looking At Foldable iPhone By 2020 

The Shenzhen-based manufacturer is racing Samsung to the finishing line of the design. Samsung is looking at a December shipping date for its foldable offering of the Samsung Galaxy X while Huawei is looking at November, according to ETNews. As is the case with rumors of advancements to—anything in tech—there is said to have been a number of non-disclosure agreements signed with Huawei’s manufacturing partners. 

Interesting, Huawei usually works with Samsung when it comes to the OLED screens for its smartphones. In this instance, the gloves are off and the company has been working with LG, its other components partner–and a smartphone manufacturer as well. 

Nothing has come out of the LG camp about its own foldable device but it is working on the foldable OLEDs to be out next year. Whether its Samsung or Huawei who get to the foldable line first it will be interesting to see how the feature catches on with other manufacturers.  

Even more interesting will be if it catches on with consumers or if its one of those rare features that will be quickly dropped with future iterations in a smartphone line. 

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