Indian Consumer Site Gets Most Complaints About Telecom Providers

India Consumer Site Gets Most Complaints About Telecom Providers

According the India-based consumer service and complaints site, the telecom sector sees the most complaints with online portals/retailers coming in a distance second and service companies just below that. The sector with the least amount of complaints happens to be airlines.

Customer Complaint Chart

It’s reported that the telecommunications sector is over-represented on the site which could be in thanks to the widespread nature of mobile phones and computer technology compared to a decade or two ago. Also coming into play is the nature of some of the problems experience with technology in general being more widespread than airline service.

If you take into account that airlines touch on very few elements (scheduling, hospitality, security, luggage handling, accessibility, etc.) compared to telecom which is a significant part of the larger technology pie (functionality, signal quality, damages, upgrading devices, repair and replacement, etc.) it’s not exactly hard to see why.

Another thing is that even if consumers travel regularly, they’re not around the airport all the time with mobile and any portable or immediate to use technology (smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, televisions, and so forth), consumers tend to keep them nearby and when they break or service becomes questionable, the most represented segment of the site gets the call.

Think about it, within either arm’s reach or several feet you’re likely around something that would fall in with the telecom field. You could be using one such device inside an airport or on an airplane.

People may complain about different things when it comes to their airline experience, but once they’ve reached their destination, the problem has passed and might not occur when they return to the airport. With mobile phones, a problem can persist and can have multiple causes—each of which might have to be explored.

While there are several airlines and experiences will vary with each, there are numerous brands, service providers, and devices offered by different companies and powered by different providers.

Finally, you should look at the segments that have the most vocal base or presence online between the highest and the lowest. Telecom has several forums dedicated to discussing the latest and upcoming technological advancements that industry among insiders, reviewers, and consumers. These are also hubs for device rivalries and complaints. There are also blogs and news outlets for mobile phones.

With airlines, the online community as a whole is unrepresented and almost nonexistent. There’s not that many dynamics compared to telecommunications to warrant an abundance of communities to sit and talk about it. An airline or hub aren’t portable things or with constantly within reach services.

This regulates airline and some of the others towards the shallow end of the chart where the primary discussion happens to be “The service I received with X airline was…”

It all comes down to how layered various service sectors are and consumer presence and use of those services and products.

What do our readers think of the results of this chart? Do you feel the airline industry should see more complaints? What sector surprised you? Let us know in the comments below.

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    I always believe that the consumer satisfaction is a big challenge for any company. If a company are capable to provide fast and positive response of any consumer complain then it can easily make a long relationship to their customers and can easily obtain more customers.

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